Where are you located?

In Campbelltown SA, this is my studio

Do you travel?

Yes I can travel; travel incurs a fee, maximum travel time 1.5 from my location

I will also only travel for a group not a single appointment

How long will my appointment go for?

Depending on the look you are after a makeup appointment with me can go anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour

Should I bring in a photo?

It is preferable; this way maximum achievement of the look you are after is reached. If you are unsure of a makeup look, details provided on the day of your dress attire will help me to create a unique look for you.

When can I book an appointment with you?

Fridays are strictly for formal events only (minimal bookings times available on this day)

Saturday as early as 6.30am till last appointment being 5pm

Sunday, same hours as Saturday

How do I book an appointment with you?

I only respond to messages through my email provided. I do not accept Instagram messages or facebook messages, unfortunately I can’t rely on these social media contacts due to lack of notifications.

When will I receive a reply?

I generally try to reply within 24-48 hours, sometimes on the rare occasion I don’t respond within this time frame you are welcome to contact again or otherwise patiently wait for a reply, I will ALWAYS reply. I am also a full time mother and wife, things can get crazy sometimes. 

Will my makeup last all day?

Yes, with the correct products used for your skin type, correct application of makeup, use of primers and setting sprays your make will last you all day, of course depending on weather conditions this can and will vary based on weather.

What products do you use?

I use 90% high end products, various items will be “drugstore’  (chemist) based products. All foundations are either Nars sheer glow, Nars weightless luminous all day and Makeup Forever Ultra HD, primers, concealers powders, blushes, highlighters, bronzers, shadows, glitters, lipsticks, lipliners are all high end products.

Will you have the right colour for my skin tone?

I pride myself on being able to provide you with a confident and comfortable service, all the foundation brands I use are pro makeup artist brands and specialise in ALL skin tones, if you still fear I may not have your colour make sure to let me know upon your first contact with me what brand and colour you use and I will make sure I have it or will be sure to purchase it.

Are you qualified?

Yes I have completed Certificate || in retail skin care and makeup, I am also self-taught and have taught myself many other up to date modern makeup techniques

Should I tell you about my skin sensitivities prior?

It is definitely preferable, so that I can pre prepare myself for our appointment, if may mean I will need to purchase a different product, or change a makeup application technique etc

Allergies need to be taken very seriously and we need to work together to avoid reactions.

When will you not be able to perform a service?

I cannot and will not do a makeup application on anyone who at the time has a contagious infection, or illness such as the flu etc. It is too risky for myself and my other clients.

If you are a bride and you have a coldsore on the day, this however can be worked with, using mostly disposables, as we all know the show must go on.